A sunny day on the beach

eerste stranddagkleine broerbalscheveningenalleen mijn oog he?liefbeesde bende
My little brothers turned 7 and 8, I can't believe how time flies. We celebrated on the beach with a wonderful spring sun following us around. I'm very fond of the last photo with my dad and the little ones, even though someone couldn't let go of a certain 'toy'. I really loved taking my Pentax out to play again!

It's been a little quit around my blog and instagram, I'm saving all my creative energy for wedding preparations, it's coming together, I won't stop until I run out of inspiration and creativity :).


Als gevallen uit de tijd

We love living featureWe love living featureWe love living featureWe love living featureWe love living feature
Here are a couple of peeks of the We love living feature, the photos turned out very beautiful and as far as I can read German the text is very lovely as well. I don't think it's available in the Netherlands, but if you live in Germany, it should be for sale as we speak :). They also featured the beautiful (work of) Celinda Versluis, she's so lovely!


Around here

Coleus blumeiMariaKitties
I miss this, blogging. As you might have noticed I've lost my flow a little. I'm anxious to get it back though :)! Here are a couple of quick photos, a beautiful coleus blumei, a Maria from my mother and the kitties in the bedroom, hiding for the photographer.

Welcome to everyone who came here via Oh Marie! and We love living, such an honor to be featured in two wonderful magazines. I'll show some of the We love living article soon!