2014 <3

As I'm writing we are slowly heading towards the new year in this side of the world. This usually makes me somewhat sentimental, but honestly it just feels like any other day and I'm pretty content with that. For all we know the universe counts in a completely different way, does time even exist?

A lot of wonderful things happened in 2014. Our highlight of course was getting married! But so many wonderful people around us took little and big steps as well and I am happy I got to witness all of it.

And now 2015, I'm looking forward to an even more conscious and mindful year. I'm looking forward to living slow and making room for more highlights and little/big steps.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you have a wonderful new year. <3


Eva 5eva 10Eva 8

This girl gets cuter every time I look at her! She and her parents make me proud. These photos were a christmas present to them, but I really wanted to share them here as well because I'm sure they put a smile on your face. Eva is a happy, determined and lively girl with a spark and being her aunt has been a blast so far!

Christmas is near


I've begun making some Christmas corners at home! Unfortunately I haven't been able to find last years decorations, I'm afraid they've drowned somewhere in the piles of mess in the basement. Luckily my dear Wood & Wool x-mas tree wasn't in the basement :). I improvised with vintage buttons and some home made ornaments. The beautiful little angel doll is made by Rosa from Stellabyrosa. I have more decorating plans, but I take joy in doing a little something every day. As long as it's winter, the Christmas corners will stay to light up our home.

The tree isn't an official christmas tree but an 'Araucaria heterophylla'. I fell in love with the gentle soft pines, and as it is also an indoor plant it can stay forever. I also have last years little christmas tree, which I will plant on earth as soon as we have a garden. It's pretty fun to see the previous years of Christmas decorations in our little home (though 2011 is a little bit of a scary contrast)! 2013 | 2012 | 2011 | 2010


Analogue details


When walking down the main street in the small village of Vlieland, I encountered all kinds of sweet details. Windowsills, doors and museum birds and powders. I brought along my Pentax and an expired film. I am in love with the colors in these photos, which I have in no way edited, the pleasure of film experiments. I have another piece of expired film with {hopefully} photos of the sea and dunes of Vlieland, but it has yet to be developed. Can't wait!


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Boy do the months fly by or what? I seem to begin all the monthly posts like this. It's December, the last month of the year, how did we get here? November was a beautiful month with warm days still, and beautiful sunsets.

Darker days are now officially here, and a cold wind travels through the Netherlands. The cats have taken almost permanent residence on the heater while softly snoring. I've indulged myself in the warmest winter coat and 'wintervacht' gloves (made from an old wool blanket). Slowly my thoughts have began turning towards Christmas and decorating the house. I'm looking forward to it.

Last weekend I took a little trip on my own, to the beautiful Dutch island 'Vlieland'. I met up with a group of people to practice mindfulness and meditation. Meanwhile the island called for me and I walked among the sea and dunes. I even got to marvel at a seal family that recently had a perfectly white seal baby on land. It was cold and my fingers were frozen, but it was also perfect and a lot, and I miss it. I miss the big wide open and the calm. Especially when I was at home again and our neighbors started their noise pollution again, very disturbing. I want to make December a month of me-time, pampering and cherishing. May I begin the new year fully loaded :).

Cats, my friends


Ik heb vandaag een hoop poezen ontmoet. Ik heb voor ze gezorgd en hun vachtjes gekriebeld. Met ze gekletst en me zorgen gemaakt. Sommigen wilden heel hard heen en weer rennen, eventjes een gevoel van vrijheid misschien. Anderen kwamen op schoot liggen en konden niet hard genoeg spinnen. Poezen die niet welkom meer waren. Dat het bestaat. Toen ik thuis kwam begreep onze Moos er niks van, al die vreemde poezenluchtjes. Ik geniet vanavond extra van ons eigen poezengeluk, en hoop dat de a(siel)zieltjes snel langdurige liefde mogen ontvangen.

Och... hadden we maar een landhuis of boerderij.